Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Clay Magnets lol

Here are two more that I made. A hot dog and another hamburger, but this time it's with cheese! ...I guess you would call that a cheeseburger.. haha, whatever! 

Sculpey polymer clay, clay tools, oven for baking

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clay Magnets!

Alrighty, my latest obsession are polymer clay magnets. I was at work, staring at my shelf and realized I didn't have enough magnets. Keep in mind I have TONS of The Office magnets... but not enough '3d' magnets... so I decided to make a magnet. Then I thought, "why don't I make a magnet for all my co-workers on my team??". So I did! Each magnet represents them, according to what I think ;) 

Sculpey polymer clay, clay sculpting tools, oven for baking, glaze, magnets, hot glue

Sunday, October 5, 2008

MY own California Roll

So I was browsing the web yesterday and I decided I wanted something to put my iphone in. Jacob has a clear case... but I wanted more than just a case! So I found this on It is called the California Roll. It's a case for your ipod/iphone, headphones, and usb cord thingy. This costs 20 bucks on Griffin and I wasn't wanting to spend that much for a case that I can make myself! So Jacob and I went to JoAnn's crafts to buy a few things. We went to my grandma's house where all my cousins were, and I started making my pattern! I gave MY california roll a twist and put an extra pocket (for cash)! There are a total of 4 pockets if you can see. One cash pocket, one credit card pocket, one iphone pocket, and one earphone pocket! Here it is!

duck cloth (that's the fabric), elastic band, sewing machine, double wide black border,
thin, but strong plastic you can sew (the kind you see in wallets for your driver's license or the kind that is used to cover up the cheap pocket calendars)! haha

The great thing about the clear plastic is that you can still use the touch pad without having to push hard. It's great!

Cuppie Cake Apron

I was inspired to make this while walking around in Tall Mouse craft store. I bought the pre-made apron, bought cupcake fabric, ruffles, and rick racks (that squiggly blue stretchy stuff). This fits kids ages 4-6. My sister (the model below) is 7... and she's also the shortest one in her class ;) 

small (child size) pre-made apron, your choice of cute fabric,
matching ruffles, rick rack, sewing machine