Friday, August 29, 2008

Throw Pillow

Jacob surprised me with a new bedspread and matching sheets! My favorite colors--
 brown and blue!... I realized that we were missing something... a throw pillow! 
So I went to the fabric store, bought a pillow and some blue satin, and sewed up a throw pillow! I made the button in the middle...  and I had trouble making that certain style (where the button is sucked in the middle of the pillow), so Jacob sewed that part for me! 

satin, pillow, sewing machine, zipper, button :)
YES, that IS wood panelling in the back... There are certain parts in my parents house that is very outdated. And when I say very, I mean, 70's. No offense, to you 70's babies... ;)


The Clevelands said...

You should have craft classes and invite me! Lova ya!

The Clevelands said...

Teach me your ways....